Food Processing Service

A unique concept of developing new product development for clients makes us special and we will be delighted to be known as a "FOOD STUDIO". A prismatic dimension to our whole range of products suitable for domestic and international markets can further we develop on the merits of nutrition, health and wellness.

  • Turnkey services for agriculture & horticulture industry
  • Comprehensive package covering business and investment proposals
  • Representation activities for overseas principals setting up operations in India.
  • Consultancy for worldwide sourcing & Indian products for global markets.
  • Marketing support for national and international products
  • Identification of synergic activities for transnational corporates wanting to operate from India.


The concept of Food parks albeit new to India is to have a n integrated approach covering all aspects of food with common facilities backing individual enterprises. We at Frigoscan believe in providing real time value to food parks right from the concept stage till operations. Our insight into the industry could be of great value to budding entrepreneurs.




With nuclear families and a growing young population India’s need for food depends a lot on ready to cook and convenient foods. Frigoscan understands the true value in bridging the traditional cooking methods with that of safe, hygiene food factories. Ready to eat (RTE) foods deliver regular supplies at affordable prices. Frigoscan has hands on experience in setting up of various RTE units across


Ready To Cook Foods (RTC) have found a very easy way to the modern kitchen . Frigoscan has developed process technologies, Equipment & preservation methodologies for our customers, creating value addition.Our commitment to Food processing is total and exclusive in delivering time & cost effective solutions.




Frigoscan has been in the forefront of development of ready to serve products. The ready to serve beverages have a huge acceptance in both urban and rural markets creating very high employment opportunities. Frigoscan attaches special emphasis in enduring and ensuring the true values of our native fruit flavors with food safety as a focal point.


One of the most ancient methods of preserving food was to either heat or freeze the product for shelf life. However, as the times have changed and so also is the need for regulated industrial activity in preparing food, individually quick frozen Foods (IQF) have come to the forefront. Frigoscan has been one of the pioneers in setting up a few IQF units in India covering Fruits/ Vegetables / Green leaves / herbs / marine products to name a few. The latest international trend is to have frozen cooked food and pulp for year round processing. Frigoscan with its international partners is committed to serving our customers sharing most of our experiences in handling frozen Foods.




Frigoscan with its engineering expertize and industry experience provides our customers cutting edge solutions not only in design but performance for one of the vital ingredients of a successful facility planning management. Utilities are designed in optimizing customer’s input vs. market demand graph

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